An Open Letter to Common Americans

You visit America once; meet ordinary people in the street or shopping malls, and you cannot help but say “Americans are great people.”  They are open, friendly, compassionate, sympathetic, lively, and honest in their dealings.  Even sales people display inevitable attachment and sympathy towards the customers and provide unerring shopping tips even it affects their own business.  Their international dealings are exemplary and better than any other nation.  This assessment is not simply out of cough; it is my personal observation after interaction with different people from almost 2/3 countries of the world.  My faith in them stems down to even vouching for their character in day to day dealings.  I am a staunch Muslim, non practicing, but what ever little knowledge I possess about Islam, I thought it was being practiced in America, except for the homosexuality, pornography, and vulgar night clubs.

I have some good American friends and have kept up with them for the last twenty to thirty years.  They are executives, businessmen, and common people to whom I am addressing today.

America is a big democracy.  You also preach and patronize this concept throughout the world.  You claim to be the leader of democracy in the world, and feel that freedom is synonymous with democracy.  Your great forefathers discovered America in 1492 and called it a land of hope, fortune, aspiration, and above all, inspiration.  The message sent back by these brave adventurists was not accepted in the same spirit it was meant to be.  The people back home in Europe learned about the difficulties, hardships, struggles, and sufferings.  Instead of reciprocating in good spirit, they put all of the criminals and mafias in the ships to get rid of them and forced them over to the newly founded country, America.  However, these very criminals fought their way in unfriendly and hostile environments and organized themselves as a coherent force to establish in the new country; a future heaven and hope for all of you who form the U.S.A, as one of the proudest nations of the world today.  In fact, the only super power of today.  Unfortunately, as is the tradition of any new settlement, those very criminals became the leaders of the immigrants.  They became rich, affluent, and strong.  They declared themselves as all time in-charge of them at that time, and tried to change themselves through self reforms yet some sign of their original character always played and reflected when ever they got themselves involved in personal conflicts and feuds.

As time passed, people came to know the prospects and treasure of the new world.  There was influx of all kinds of people who let their families gather fortune and return back home to enjoy.  Most of them came, settled themselves, and never returned.

Those were your great grandfathers who fought for you.  Many were killed over flimsy things, looted from each other and committed many excesses on one another to believe that, Might is right.  It appears that that very hereditary essence is working today in your leadership who unknowingly or unintentionally are acting on the same principle and destroying the peaceful mother earth.  However, some or very few of the common people may be having the streak of that attribute, but I know the majority of you have noble blood in your veins.  That is why the average and common American is so good in behaviour, character, grain, quality, and above all, nature.

The majority with all this noble nature must choose leaders with similar qualities and not from the earlier pedigree who have probably not transformed themselves like the common Americans.  How about analyzing them before they destroy you or make this mother earth unworthy of living peacefully and with honor?  You all need to look into that because it is you who matter today.  Tomorrow, nobody has seen, but one can guess and speculate how it will be.  However, don’t forget as we sow, so shall we reap.  The history has seen many such situations, super powers, dynasties, and empires.  Where are they?  They have gone, too soon and much before time.  You are a great country and nation; we want you to stay much longer than all of the past perished ones.

Leaving aside the internal strife that is part of such a large scale exodus, the only slur that I can point out in that ERA was the annihilation of the actual owners, the Native Americans.  They should have been taken in to confidence and respected, but it was not done.  However, the later invitations to all poor countries and their people to migrate, I feel, compensates the earlier follies committed.  The second slur was the slave trade from Africa and inhumane behavior to those African Americans who also thought they were going towards the land of hope and fortune.  Even this has been undone through force of their own conviction, but the credit goes to the common whites who supported African Americans to get their freedom and equal rights.  Mind you, most of your leaders are still prejudice.  Exceptions like Condoleezza Rice may not be enough proof to prove otherwise.

The history of Vietnam, Korea, and Japan presents ample proof of the originality of that nature and temper.  The present events pursued by them also show the similar traditional effects of their character. If the common man does not get up and fight for change, I am afraid this system will continue till nature puts an end to it.

It is said that the taste of pudding lies in the eating.  Similarly, the leaders are also judged in times of crises.  Their firmness, maturity, and strength of character can only be seen when the nation faces some kind of emergency crises.  The tragedy since the initial Civil War, and a small battle with Canada and Mexico, where leaders like President Madison and President George Washington were leading the country, America has had no serious crises facing the nation.  9/11 was the first test of the modern times, which really shook America to the core.  How your present leadership coped with this crisis is a matter of your personal analysis and their accountability to the nation.  I feel it is not for any intellectuals to prove or disprove their theories with all sorts of complicated and stupid thesis.  A person in the street can see for themselves and draw a conclusion.  In fact, a common and average person can do a better job of such things rather than the bookworms sitting around their laboratories and playing chess games with the sentiments and emotions of men and women in the street.  The nation stands on small pillars of these poor people, but unfortunately, the decisions for these poor people’s lives is taken by the small elite controlling and commanding the country.  You, as a common person, at least have the right to determine whether the safety and fate of your children is in the right hands.

I will not go into the details of why 9/11 happened because it will not remain a letter but will become a book.  I will therefore restrict myself to what happened after 9/11 and how your leaders acted on these crises.  I have written a small book, “Terrorism or Awakening”, which you may like to read in your leisure time to give you some idea of why I believe 9/11 happened.  I, being an average man in the street myself, would like to address my similar American colleagues to at least reach some where close to the depth of these crises, the remedy adopted by your leaders and its long term effect on you, the real people.

9/11 was a huge tragedy not only because of the loss of lives and economy, but also the loss of prestige and honour.  The entire world was sympathetic and became partners in grief and pain.  The people’s concern from all over the world, without any exception, should have been indeed regarded as a compensation and counter balance effect against this criminal offense committed by whom so ever.  A big nation like you should have great moral courage to bear such loss and react coolly and with a great sense of wisdom and prudence.  There was no reason to be jittery and react like a vagabond and get into serious perpetual trouble.  Mind you, your getting into charade means trouble for the whole world.  Your leadership should have the depth to bear the shock and not pass on the shock to others.

Mr. Bush’s reaction to 9/11 was like a man in the street and not like someone sitting on the high platform, watching and protecting the United States of America.  Even if it was an attack on America, it should have been dealt with proper planning and execution to nip the evil in the bud, instead of chasing a small group of riff raffs through out the world.  He behaved like a cowboy of the Wild West who believed in quick revenge from the rival group and spread fear amongst the people.  You are now a leader of the world and therefore must maintain the honour of this status, lest some one snatches it from you.  History has seen many such downfalls due to the follies of the incompetent leaders.

After 9/11, the first casualty was Afghanistan , the poorest in the world and governed peacefully by Taliban.  One could differ with the way they were running the country but you could not deny their equity and virtue where people voluntarily joined them to save themselves from the cruel warlords and feudals.  Their association with Osama Bin Laden was negotiable and could have been settled amicably with patience.  The world would not have fallen for a few days.  We would have saved ourselves from the catastrophe Mr. Bush and his associates caused in the entire region.  Your alliance with the Northern Afghans, who were nothing but warlords and feudals, was indeed against your own belief and principle.  With their collusion, you destroyed Afghanistan with Daisy Cutter and laser guided bombs.  Established “ Guatanemo Bay ”, where hundreds and thousands of innocent people were brought and detained as suspected members of Al-Qaeda.  You tarnished your own hundreds of years old justice system and got it in disrepute in the whole world.  Barring ten odd detainees, the rest were proved innocent.  Who will compensate them for the torture they underwent for years.

At least fifty thousand Afghan men, women, and children were killed in that senseless war. You also forced the President of Pakistan, Gen. Musharaf, to join and support this unjust war at a point of the bayonet.  The Pakistani dictator, under duress, joined you in a so-called “war of terror.” As a result, the Americans who were liked in Pakistan are now a symbol of hatred by the masses and the entire region is in the grip of instability and turmoil.   Afghanistan by itself is in no better condition after five years of war.  Your agent, Mr. Karzai, is as impotent today as he was during his installation as president.  Democracy has gone further away and your honor even farther than this.

The second victim was Iraq .  It is a point to ponder for all Americans what have they gained in the whole episode.  Everyone in this region and beyond understands, except Americans, that the whole game to remove Saddam was to favor Israel.  At least one hundred thousand Iraqis have been killed and a prosperous country destroyed for the sake of security of a small rogue country, Israel.  The divide of Shia-Sunni and Kurd, created by you is an artificial phenomenon and shall vanish as soon as you leave Iraq, which may be after a hundred years.  It is in the knowledge of all saner elements in Iraq and they will not let Iraq be divided and disintegrated.  I was in Iraq during Bath Party Revolution in 1968 and never learned of any such divide.  Neither was any such philosophy prevalent before that revolution.  I was there for almost three years and I observed no Shia-Sunni rift through out.  There was some unrest of the Kurds in the Northern area, which was basically initiated by Iran because of the Iran-Iraq political issue like Shatt-ul-Arab and other border disputes.

Democracy is not a medicine that you force down the throat of people at night and next morning they are democrat. It is a process of years education and behavior that ultimately put people on the right track.  Today with the force of occupation you feel happy with election and its results.  Tomorrow with occupation forces gone, democracy will also follow you to America and England.  Iraqi’s are not yet made for democracy.  Your agent Mr. Zalme Khalid Zad cannot provide you credible advice or information to the stability of Iraq.  There were some very respected and honorable people who could have saved the situation; if they were still alive.  Find a reasonable plan to quit and put an end to such a senseless killing of Iraqi’s and your own people.

Israel is a bone of contention between and most of the Middle East countries that happen to be Muslim.  In a broader sense, the cause of evil between the Muslim world and American leadership is Israel.  American leadership has repeatedly demonstrated unfair judgment whenever it came to a decision between Arabs and Israel.

Palestinians have suffered a great deal from Israel with intentional support from the U.S leadership.  It is commonly apprehended that the American Jews fully support Israel and since Jews in America are filthy rich, all political leadership needs money to fight election and win.  They are forced to follow Jews just or unjust demands in lieu of political support from them.

I wonder if the American Jews understand that they are prosperous and rich because of America and not so much due to their own ability.  If the Base diminishes, you fall on your face.  So, be American and take off the garb of Israel.  It will be good for Israel also to shed away the artificial legs and stand on their own.  That will surely bring them closer to their neighbors.

The American leadership’s desire to install Israel as a sheriff in the Middle East has proved counter productive.  I hope one day it does not harm America because America is a hope for the entire world.  Haven’t you learned a lesson from Soviets who wanted to do the same with Cuba in South America, so far from their country?  You are committing the same folly in the Middle East.  Soviets were poor and fell quickly.  You are rich; you will take your own time.  End result may be the same.

Now you have President Chaves of Venezeula at hand.  Be good to him and his people. You may need them one day.  Don’t let your bad pedigree leaders destroy your future, the future of your children and their offshoots.  Open your eyes and force them to change. Create love; not hatred.

We, in third world countries feel that the common man in America is like a “robot” - gets up in the morning, works through out the day, reaches home exhausted after hours of commute, has a drink or two, eats, and sleeps.  Repeat the same next day and after.  He has no time to think and feel about what is happening to the poor of the world who has no money to drink.  He eats sometimes and goes without it most of the times.

Sermons of your leaders for their actions, to strengthen your home security are a farce. Your security lies in making friends around the world, not creating enemies.  Today, 80% to 90% of the third world countries people dislike Americans.  That is a point to ponder.