An Open Letter to Honorable Barak H. Obama

April 29th, 2009

Mr. President it was no less than a miracle we all attribute to your victory in the last elections of the USA. Your slogan “yes we can” did bring a mini revolution in the minds of Americans.  Your promise of a mighty change not only energized the Americans but the entire world of poor who incognito pinned hopes on your pledge and prayed from their inner self for your success.  I personally think those invisible sounds of souls brought you in the white house which had always been the dwelling of a white elite and rich dignitaries since its’ built and holding of significance.  I feel if Mr. Bush’s order, sitting in Washington can raise storm in Afghanistan the very next moment, silent prayers can also change the destiny through the communion with the "God Almighty".

Your promise, I sincerely believe was not a winning jingle by hypnotizing the people’s mind temporarily but a word of honor by America and where ever her influence extended.  I, as a friend of America grabbed what I thought was good and you gave no choice but to accept your emotional perception.  Whether you can now practically fulfill that pledge, is a challenge to your honor and office that you hold.  If it has grown beyond your powers to prove, you may revise your pledge that everything is not possible to change but “yes we will try”. 

I personally still respect your noble thinking which at least someone of your stature has unfolded for the people. This feeling was good enough for the elections for president because none else from your competitors could think of this.  God may help you in fulfilling your promise even if people around you, I know are averse to your mission.  I am sure people of your origin and the one you are commanding now, will be proud of you whenever your name would appear in books and references  in dispatches, in your lifetime and after.  At least I will tell my children and they to theirs that a man had come from a back ground of ignorance and brought an untainted light even to the most advanced civilization, the lesson that one does not have to only live for himself but for others who need it the most.  This indeed was the message that my Holy Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) had brought to the world and left it as a legacy for a few chosen people like you in the world. 

The world peace may be your first objective.  Peace would bring prosperity to America and elsewhere in the effected zones.  Iraq has already been targeted on your agenda.  At least this is what we learn from your plan, implementation of which depends on your government’s conduct.  Seeing is believing!  We are all watching very intently.  At least one million men women and children have been killed purely on ghost reports of WMD. Compensation may also be planned because this war was forced on Iraqi people through default of your predecessor.  Loss of life they might forget but loss of honor is difficult to forget and forgive.  Your outright repentance and apology might heal things for better future for both America and Iraq.  Otherwise we all know that In spite of spending major chunk of your tax payer’s money on, as you say the welfare and promotion of democracy for the people of Iraq, you earned nothing but shower of shoes from Iraqis at the end.  It is good to be fair and straightforward instead of following diplomacy and duplicity.

Afghanistan is the most serious problem facing America today.  Most of the NATO countries are also involved in this conflict.  Pakistan of course is the front line scapegoat who is facing terrorism more than anyone else in the world.  It started with Mr. Bush’s itch to act in haste and anger in October 2001. Eight long years have seen nothing but escalation in terms of death and distress, depression and deprivation, and economic suffering all around the world.  The haste and anger transferred nothing but hate and anger.  Mr. President I pray you have the vision to peep in the past and seek new realities of future.  Your so called down payment of 1.5 billion dollars to Pakistan will go as waste as so many billions of the past spent in Afghanistan.  Pakistan has been destroyed because of American behavior and planning.  Mr. President, do not ruin America and destroy Pakistan.  Move back from Afghanistan and keep away from Pakistan.  Let them sort out their problems and in turn your problems.  The ghost of Al-Qaida and Taliban are as unreal as was the ghost of WMD in Iraq. Following Mr. Bush is following the road to destruction.  Some of your cronies are involved in mudding the waters you may like to stop them or remove them if you are really interested to see the depth clearly.  They are neither interested in America’s welfare nor the security of this region.  Believe me we need America as much as you need her, for the prosperity of the poor world.  There are many ways to defuse the problem but only one way to escalate it by continuing the existing policy.  I can assure you Mr. President that there is great potential in Pakistan to help round of the situation.  They have the will to make a way; you have to assist them to make it quickly.  Doubting Pakistan intelligence agencies is indeed declaring no confidence in Pakistan government. Such intentions do not solve but complicate the matter.  There is no other way but to help each other get out of the mess.

Middle East is another hotspot to melt.  It is burning since 1948 and the west, especially the American establishment is apparently and continuously putting fuel to keep this fire alive.

Mr. President you have to be an independent judge to pass the fair judgment.  A partisan judgments by many of your ex presidents have not been accepted by the world.  You don’t have to be a special category judge but an ordinary real British or American judge to administer justice.  By God we will beg Palestinians to abide by your judgment.  Since Jews have also put their blood to develop this land I will personally suggest a South African arrangement and solution.  A fair and acceptable solution will take care of at least 60 percent of world terrorism.  Separate states of Israel and Palestine is merely a hoax and may never be transformed into reality.  It will never be treated judicially by the west and therefore why indulge in deception and hypocrisy.

independent policy must be appreciated and respected.  Any disagreement affecting the world community must be negotiated and discussed (by the way world community does not only constitute America, Britain, France, Germany and Canada the rest of the world population also counts).  Your community of 540 millions must respect the rest of the six billions also living side by side.

Iran has enough resources to exist without any help from world community; they have enough to eat, plenty of water to drink and the free air, a gift of nature to survive.  The spirit of freedom that they have, can outlast them even if you bring them back to Stone Age, the maximum threat that Mr. Bush was hiding in his pockets.  Believe me the modern world is immune to this kind of threat now.  Let us all learn to live in peace and harmony.

In the UN Racist Conference at Geneva, from 12-14 April 09, Iranian President Ahmadinejad had the courage to speak against the atrocities of Israel on the Palestinians.  The Americans who keep calling Iran as axis of evil and her European cronies who follow them in praise of Israel should have had the courage to listen to Mr. Ahmadinejad.  If the rest of the world community had the patience to listen a few of you in favour of Israel, you should have also the courage to listen the truth also.

Lastly my prayers and appetite that I had wished in my paper of "Provoking a Change: Part 1", On 4th Dec. 08, that bringing the people together is to solve the problems of terrorism spreading from the last 50 to 60 years. Peace and progress comes by bringing people together instead of segregating them forcefully through stringent visit restrictions.  America and other rich countries are considered heaven by poor countries.  Everyone likes to go to heaven.  Visit visas to travel or for that matter to work may be relaxed so that people can interact with each other for mutual benefit, and take advantage of each other’s expertise to work for the common cause of human welfare.  The people involved in 9/11 are still controversial.  The real truth still hangs in the air.

History shows that migration of population has helped in progress and development.  Peace was affected temporarily but generally people settled down with mutual consent, tolerance and positive behavior amongst each other.  It is the blessing of immigration that your good father came to America and you are now the President of USA.  I’m sure your present position will benefit America more than many presidents who served before you.