Iraq is in the grip of a civil war. There are three different forces pulling her in different directions. American and British like to steer her towards disintegration for easy control and dominance for all time to come. wants it to be economically crippled, unable to equip herself militarily to challenge their authority in the region. largely being a superstitious nation believes in Nosterdamus prediction that some muslim ruler in this area will rise and defeat the non believers and gain command of the world. They therefore were trying to stop that and are now generating hatred amongst the people of the region so that they never become a nation. Iraqis, of course want to come back to the path of peace, prosperity and progress. They want to defeat all those forces who are forbidding them to become a nation again.

Let bygone be bygone. You seem to have come out of all the trouble and setback. You need to evaluate things in the present perspective and reality. Unity is your only choice, grab it or else you may get scattered for ever.

To me personally is like . I take this opportunity to address my Iraqi brothers and express my feelings in retrospect, what I saw when I served in Iraqi Air Force for almost three years.

Baghdad was my dream city. I spent some golden days of my life there. I made very good and life time friends and tried to keep contacts with them for as long as it was possible, but now I shudder to think about them for the reasons I cannot dare to mention. While leaving Baghdad I promised with them that I shall be standing with them to protect whenever that time came. I am indeed ashamed that I could not fulfill that promise. However I must tell them through this letter that my intentions are still the same and it will be an honour for me to sacrifice for ..

A contingent of 11 Pakistan Air Force officers landed at Baghdad airport on the 6th of April 1968, on deputation to Iraqi Air Force. We were received by Iraqi Ministry of Defense and after usual arrival formalities taken to Hotel Tigress Palace in the heart of the city. The Hotel was located on the river Tigress. It was a small hotel and I think half of it was requisitioned by the Ministry of Defense for official guests. The entrance was opening towards Shahrah Rashid, most probably on the name of Khalifa Haroon Rashid. This road was the main business centre of Baghdad City . On the back, a terrace leading to the river. The evenings reminded us about the tales of fairies landing at night to play on a very mild tune of Arabic music. A few Russian families and local Iraqi crowd used to make it a civilized romantic place every evening.

Law and order situation was exemplary, better than any other civilized country of the world. People in the street were friendly, sympathetic and very courteous. It indeed presented an ideal place for living. If there were no restrictions I would have opted to spend rest of my life in

Besides some civilians I had some excellent friends in the Air Force. They included Air Force Chief General Hussain Hayavi, Air Defense Commander General Naama Delaimi, Brigadier Qusai-Al-Fazli. A very good friend Colonel (R) Munder Vendavi, who was a political contemporary of Saddam Hussain. Because of his political ambitions he was later sent by Saddam as Iraqi Ambassador to , , and many other countries, never to return to . He resigned as Ambassador to Holland when Saddam attacked . He was an excellent friend and a nationalist who loved more than any person of the ruling Junta.

There was never a dispute between Shia and Sunnis on any issue. What to talk of disputes there were no open differences between any communities in matters of religious, political or social affairs. In the place of work we never knew or heard of any divide between any sect or minority. We were totally unaware of who is who. All were Iraqis and nothing else. Even the differences between and were not on sectarian but territorial issues. Iranians were free to visit on pilgrimage to Karbala, Najaf, Samarra and Baghdad . Common Iraqis considered them as welcome guests to . Our Iraqi friends frequently invited us to visit Karbala to see Iranian people.

The Bath party revolution occurred in July 1968. General Ahmad Hassan Al Baqar took over as head of state. It was almost a bloodless coup. Bath party was a pure secular party and consisted of Shia, Sunni and Christian elements alike. No one ever talked or heard of any religious discrimination or differences at any forum. Similarly when Saddam Hussain took over in 1979 no one ever called himself Shia, Sunni or Christian. When invaded more then half of Army consisted of Shia’s and they fought with Shia as Iraqis, not as sectarian elements of Iraqi Army. During the war Iraqi Shia casualties were almost in the same proportion.

 Saddam was a very progressive man. During the Iranian war and after he carried out enormous developments in . They were not arranged or planned in accordance with the sectarian divide. Maximum developments were done in Karbala, Najaf, Samarra and Basra areas, all Shia populated sectors. The only Sunni majority area was Baghdad itself. It will be surprising to note that the minimum share was provided to Takrit area, his own home base.  Even in Kurdish areas like Kirkuk and Mosul were given good attention as other important sectors of the country. It goes without saying that Saddam’s main emphasis was as a whole.

During first Gulf War the Iraqi Army was equally manned by Shia and Sunni. There were no sectarian divide and every body was treated as Iraqis. In the face of defeat some seeds of dissention were sown with Shias in the south and Kurds in the north and a revolt was maneuvered by the American invaders. However soon after the war a fresh appraisal of Saddam by American drove them to betray both Shia and Kurds and Saddam was indirectly indicated to curb this revolt in his own way. He broke lose on both Kurds and Shias and inflicted grave atrocities as punishment for committing treason against their own government in collusion with the enemy.

After the revolt was quelled and routine prevailed in the entire country, some smell of bad behaviour by Shias and Kurds polluted the normal way of life as was prevalent in the country before the 1ST Gulf war. This was indeed the first sectarian disease commencing in .

After defeat in the 2nd Gulf war and Saddam’s expulsion, the general public in displayed a sign of unity and welcomed the ouster of Saddam but at the same time lamented aggression on their country and condemned it outright. This was not easily digestible by Americans and British. They regenerated the germs of sectarianism for the purpose of divide and rule. They aired the Shia Sunni dissentions and tried to separate Kurds as a separate entity and lure them as allies. Secondly in their view a separate Kurdish state will be a perpetual source of trouble in the area for , , and .

The emergence of Muqtada Al-Sadre and Mullah Sustani as Shia separatist in the south and southwest, Kurds in the north, was a deep Anglo-American conspiracy to divide Iraq in splinter groups and keep a week sunni state in the centre, to ensure that Iraq never remain a strong country for all time to come. To give it a practical shape they contemplated a vision of deep hatred amongst all the three communities so that a voice of disunity and permanent divorce becomes a reality from where coming back would be impossible. To do this, they infiltrated at least thirteen thousand Israeli, MI6, CIA agents to plan and execute sectarian killing at all sacred places of these communities. Seventy to one hundred Iraqis per day were the victims of their planning accepting five to ten percent of their own losses. So far 670000 Iraqis have been murdered and almost 3 to 4 thousand of their own troops.

Saddam Hussain was a dictator, but was Iraqi and a patriot. He never thought in terms of Shia and Sunni. He got maximum Kurds killed fighting against the government in the northern . Kurds were all Sunnis. If he ever discriminated between Shia and Sunnis he would have never indulged in the massacre of Kurds. He eliminated everybody who, he thought was an impediment in the progress of , irrespective of his sect or creed. Because of his dictatorial use of power he committed lots of excesses on personal liberties of the people for which he has been punished. However he was an architect of ’s development and recognition as a power to be reckoned by the super powers. Shia and Sunni divide was not Saddam’s trait and he never wanted this unholy treat between muslims of different sects.

Iraqis therefore should never become a tool in the hands of invaders to kill each other and destroy unity and her strategic position in the community of nations. The principle of,”united you rise and divided you fall” must be your logo. Democracy does not divide people into splinter groups but unite the country as a single strong entity to serve for the progress and development of all the people of the country. So please stop killing each other as Shia, Sunni or Kurds but promote love and affection and make your country strong and civilized to match your ancient civilization which indeed had a leading position of in the world of that time