For The Publishers

Terrorism is a curse that must be eliminated to save the world from its vicious effects. Almost half of the world today has come under its grips and the pity is that only the common man in the street falls victim to this menace.

The powerful Governments of advanced countries like America, UK, Russia, and Israel claim to fight terrorism but in people’s perception are actually generating or harboring state terrorism in most of the poor countries in the world, such as Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Chechnya. The consequence is the magnifying influence of terrorism in other countries to become part of this calamity.

The author ap
peals in general to rise against their leaders, who create chaotic conditions in poor countries which frustrates the innocent youth to become ammunition of suicide bombing and instrument of insurgency. The blunder lies with the leaders who call themselves the father of democracy but lie to their people and conceal facts while framing fictitious charges against poor countries and destroying their originality.

Author’s message to serious publishers is to play their role and examine the terrorism in real sense and publish books that expose those hypocrites who are responsible to generate or promote this evil.