Predictions from the Author

Let us not divide the world into
Christian Associates and Muslims

Read the Book, “Terrorism or Awakening!”

The author had predicted this latest dreadful incidents of (July 7 and July 21 London bombings) UK in the book, under the heading “Tony Blair and Al-Qaeda.” The author predicted such events occurring, as a result of unjust conduct by the British government.  The author strongly condemns such acts of violence against innocent civilians, but urges that the people of the world especially the people of England and the USA to renounce their government’s anti-humanistic policies in the Middle East and elsewhere to stop such incidents in the future.

This horrible act may or may not be from Al-Qaeda. It might have triggered another agency to malign Al-Qaeda because everyone knows Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush are already tuned to blame Al-Qaeda and Muslims for every twist in the world.

Author also predicted about the Turkey-EU crisis/conflict and the biased and narrow-minded attitude of some EU high ranking officials regarding Turkey.

The book was printed in early May and launched on June 16, 2005 in Islamabad (to market and promote the book). For further information, please check the websites at OR