The world has been violent since the day Adam's son killed his brother. In recent history, some examples are Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot in Cambodia, the IRA in Ireland, the French in Algeria, and India in Kashmir. Israel, Palestine and America and the whole world have chosen violence, or the threat to use violence to achieve their political goals. Even the peaceful Belgians took to violence at one time. However, the spectacle of 9/11 sent shock waves more so than ever before. The world was indeed disturbed. Distinguished, eminent statesmen of repute were all bewildered. America's economic and military authority had been challenged. The symbols of America's dominance, "the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon", had been attacked. America's response to the first attack on Pearl Harbor resulted in the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the deadly atom bomb. The scared world began eagerly awaiting America's reaction to this second attack on US main land. The super power had a reputation of employing disproportionate lethal power than the assessed threat. The whole world was horrified. Every one, rich or poor, king or president, prime minister or dictator, were in a state of shock and they felt as if America's superiority as a Super Power had been crumbled. Most of them rushed to offer condolences and to offer help. Many wanted to do all they could to help the U.S.A. recover from the fear and sorrow this crisis reaped upon the Americans. Who were these people? How could they sum up the courage to attack the superpower, the only mighty force controlling the world today with military as well as economic power?

This surprise attack not only shook the whole world, but also induced shivers throughout the American leadership. The President of the USA instantaneously cried out for a war of crusade and revenge against those who were responsible for this act of "terrorism". He also issued a "doctrine" to fight against those involved and against those who corroborated with the perpetrators for this heinous crime. Nobody had the courage to point out the truth about this attack. There were, of course, very legitimate questions to answer. However, those who were responsible for carrying out this destructive action were no longer in the world to provide answers. They killed themselves or maybe in their own way, sacrificed themselves, for some strongly held cause, which they are not able to explain. They were young people, who had hardly seen the world, and they embarked on this ordeal, never to come back again. No one can find out the exact fact or truth in his or her mind or heart, in spite of all the present day advanced technology. Unfortunately, the fact finding in such cases gets intermingled with the prejudices of the people in authority or the people conducting the inquiries.

There would be other interested parties or individuals who would come up with their own theories and fictions to either enlighten or confuse the world. This is exactly what happened in this case. Instead of honestly going through this exercise, the government and policy makers made muck out of it. They pretended to have found the truth, but proved from their actions that they had gone further away from it. They termed this action as "terrorism" and indeed it was, but the most important question was to determine, why it happened? Finding this answer is integral in ensuring that it never happens again by determining a solution to the issues which led someone to carry out this deadly mission. Instead of finding this answer, the powers to be proceeded to chase a running man in the hopes of catching a thief. Unfortunately, in chasing this running man, most of the world's kings, dictators, and prime ministers joined the crowd to catch this running man. They caught Afghanistan, the poorest of the world's countries and Iraq, which was battered by sanctions of ten long years and ruled by a dictator for over twenty years. Iraq was also ravaged by the Gulf War in 1991, when America and her allies attacked Iraq full-force.

Violence has plagued the world at the individual and collective level all throughout time. Violence has been part of our history as long as we've had a history; terrorism has been a part of that history for as long as we've had politics. The degree of violence varies according to the Prevailing conditions and is directly proportional to the injustices of the society. Violence is especially evil when committed against non-combatant civilians, be it by an oppressor or those struggling for liberation. However, in a struggle for independence, legitimate rights and in self-defense, resorting to violence / counter violence against an oppressor has a sanction even from the heavens. It is therefore very essential to clearly differentiate between a justifiable use of force and when and where this use of force becomes terrorism. The blinders of self-interest restrict vision. These blinders must be removed when making this judgment. Common thieves, insane people, and criminals also resort to violence. This last phenomenon should not be confused with terrorism or with the struggle for liberation. The violence committed by thieves, insane individuals, and criminals have their own corrective medicine. An attempt is made in this text to define and differentiate terrorism and to highlight its causes. The violence in the world has been examined here to decipher whether it has been committed by the oppressed who have arisen to shed their chains violently. The solution to the problem of violence has always existed. It only requires implementation: "Stop terrorizing specific individuals / countries and the terrorists and violence will be laid to rest". The creator created the heavens, the earth and plenty of resources therein so that humans could utilize these for the mutual benefit of the entire human family. God desired mankind to live in harmony and to enjoy the gifts he had bestowed upon them. Greed has overtaken the good in man and the process of usurpation and oppression has taken preference, leading to violence and counter violence at all levels in human society.

In present times, America has bombed Afghanistan to obliteration. The Iraqi people have been subjugated and their country occupied. Pakistan, under the threat of violence, has given up its support of the Taliban and has joined in the American-led coalition. There is no peace in Indian-held Kashmir, Chechnya, Palestine, Thailand, Philippines, Nagaland, Sri-Lanka, Ireland, Central America, Turkey, and the list goes on and on. In short, the world is a violent place today. To reduce this threat of violence, it is essential to ascertain "what is the truth?"

Unfortunately, a few prejudiced intellectuals and policy makers camouflage the reality. The people in general have the capability, vision, and right to find the truth. I have tried to make an effort to energize the sentiments of the people to decide who the real culprits are and how they can be found and corrected. I appeal to the people to participate more actively and judiciously in such affairs to teach the world how to differentiate between right and wrong. If they do, we shall all find the world more attractive, peaceful and hopeful in the future.