PREVIEW by "Irfan Siddiqui"


Daily Nawa-I-Waqt

Islamabad, Pakistan

Terrorism or Awakening is a unique effort by Group Captain (Retd) Rab Nawaz Choudhry to directly address the ordinary people of the advanced and affluent societies. He urges these people to keep an eye on their governments and to ensure they administer justice when dealing with the government and people of third-world countries. This is especially encouraging for the Muslim countries, where people are subjected to injustices from oppressive regime of the advanced countries. Unfortunately, the protests of these poor people are contemplated into rebellion and misinterpreted as terrorism.

Any small antisocial incident is purposely blown out of proportion to punish the revolutionaries so that they never try to raise their voice against injustices done to them. Group Captain Rab Nawaz appeals to the saner and educated people of the world to take into account these unreasonable and unjust incidents forced onto these people. He is optimistic that the educated and open-minded individuals of the strong nations will force their governments to solve these humanitarian crises judiciously to unite the people of different countries, cultures, and religions.

This book brings out some of the daring inequalities faced by the poor nations, especially in the Muslim world. The author suggests that positive support from the people of the developed and rich countries will eliminate, or at least reduce, the genuine grievances and suffering of these poor countries. The writer requests a gradual transformation and administrative changes from within and not a forceful occupation of these countries to bring about the changes in their original culture and way of life. Application of force always brings resentment and tends to create hatred and violence. A sincere effort from the rich countries is always appreciated at the grass-roots level and develops understanding between the people and ultimately, a sense of cooperation and friendship. However, any assistance that is offered and has some ulterior motive is always unmasked and becomes counterproductive. Common people generally have a very fine sense of understanding. By nature, they have love and sympathy for each other, irrespective of race, cast, religion, and nationality. They only get exploited by their leaders and politicians for their personal gains and glory. Ultimately, in the end, it is the common people who suffer. Terrorism is not a human trait and all human beings are averse to it. It is only a few selfish elements who tend to dominate the saner average people. The author wants people to understand these satanic elements and make sincere efforts to reform them through collective strength, wisdom, ingenuity, and most importantly, justice. I strongly feel that this is one of the good works carried out after 9/11, for which one should be grateful to Group Captain (Retd.) Rab Nawaz. One also should be grateful to the arrogance of the mighty superpowers that has not only awakened the Muslim youth, but has also transformed a professional soldier to an articulated and passionate writer. It is true that nature has its own course of action and code of ethics.