Provoking a Change - A Noble Vision

December 4th, 2008

Honourable President Elect Mr. Barak Obama, your reference to change! Endorsing: “yes we can”, was your slogan during the election campaign.  It basically came out of your determination, willpower, sincerity of purpose and above all to change the world for a cause that dreams of human excellence and accomplishments. You are now the elected president of the United States, the first African American candidate who swept the polls more than any white could have achieved.  Your competitors paid a very rich tribute to you on the victory and offered all the help and assistance in running the country.  The change that you had pledged is no doubt a craving that the Americans and many other people of the world, especially the world of poor and deprived like your own roots had realized.

The change does not come by change of the colour it comes by changing the mentality, the concept, the character, and above all the convictions and the feeling for each other irrespective of nationalities.  Poverty, racism, and injustice should be the common cause to fight, instead of the religion and ethnicity.  Americans and Al Qaeda should be ready to sit and eat at one table, discuss and bridge the gap created through misunderstanding and clash of views.  Similarly American and British must revaluate situation with Iraqis instead of looking for an excuse to extend their stay. Respect for each other’s sovereignty and independence instead of signing a recent pseudo type agreement between their governments for staying in Iraq until 2011.  There could be no real agreement between a victor and the vanquished.  Both parties have to be free and at the same level to realize such a contract.

Americans must learn to respect Iranian views on common controversies.  Issues can easily be set aside with mutual respect.  If you make nuclear weapons you certainly need plausible efforts to forbid others to do the same.  Allowing Israel an easy access to nuclear approach and disallowing the Iranians the same technology and favour is by itself a weird notion.  Mr. President you must ponder about this and really think of a change with judicious conduct, vision, and equality for everyone where you could indeed substantiate the change “yes we can”, otherwise it will be forgotten and backfire as an election gimmick and duplicity used by you for achieving your goal. Ideal situation is though impossible to accomplish, yet one can fairly come closer to the objective acceptable to meet the expectations and hopes of many.  Gone are the days when people enjoyed killing people on territorial conflicts and religious differences.  The world has reached the climax of civilization, education and advancement.  Our leaders have to change and sort out the differences on dinner parties rather than in battle fields.  If we follow the old style of settling feuds in arenas where barbarians forced their heroes to face the wild animals for winning or losing, we will not be entitled to have the status of a highly civilized society. There is no use of exploring the planets, Mars, Venus, or Jupiter for future resources and living hopes if we are going to play the same game as we are doing on this mother Earth.

I don’t care what colour you have, what religion you are practicing, and what habits are you enjoying; Mr. President, you have reached a peak of your career by becoming the president of a super power which is economically and militarily leader of the world.  A real leader is one who takes his victory as a challenge to work for his people’s welfare and takes pride in bringing peace and prosperity for those under his domain.  Try your best to improve relations with neighbours. Unless you are welcomed in neighbour’s house; how can you expect a red carpet treatment across the Atlantic? Your understanding at home certainly provides easy access and greetings from outside.

The black man as president of United States may have, at times a kind of embarrassing moments and an inward fear when you proved it to the white colleagues that you are fair to your own colour mates or other underdogs as anyone else.  You may not have this reservation but if you feel so, you have to get rid of these feelings.  I am saying this because of my personal experience on visits to America where I always forgave a black official mistreating me to show off his white colleagues for scoring some points on his performance.

How about a dream meeting with Osama Bin Laden to cool the environment to suit international peace back on Earth and save millions of people from everyday embarrassments in the United States and other countries. Osama might have been the cause of trade centre’s destruction (not yet determined in any enquiry) and killing 3000 people.  America has avenged almost hundred times more deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, which should be enough to balance the account or make up for the loss and get even with all stake holders.  I am sure that Mr. President, the change you vehemently cried can practically prove “yes we can”.  I know the existing systems and the masters of those systems will not let you approach in this direction, however, even his one step towards this direction will be remembered as an international reformer with more respect and honour than any other president of the United States.

America is not entirely to blame to upset everything in the world; Al Qaeda, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq also have to share the blame.  They must all play their part to bring change in their behaviour to normalize the situation.  However, the history shows and day to day observation reveals that it is the stronger who has to initiate to give up the coercion on the weak and untenable in the first place and then expect some kind of trade-off from the weak.

One far reaching affects of the change that I personally and majority of the people and deprived expect from you, Mr. President is a new world order of cooperation that could bring the people closer to each other and develop a sense of partnership.  You may not be able to bring an ideal situation but you can certainly initiate improvements so that a change is actually felt throughout the world.

It is often reiterated that with new scientific technology the world has become a global village, but what kind of village where nobody knows anybody; neighbours don’t recognize each other and are ready to pounce and kill each other with slight misunderstandings.  You don’t let your village mates enter your street without visit visa; don’t let the hungry eat food which is surplus to your requirements that you may throw to animals but deprive your fellow beings to use for their survival. Yet you claim to be living in a village called the global village.  We have also seen the people of the same faith not allowing each other to practice and join the prayers without visa. Look at the Muslims where the Arabs don’t let them enter Mecca without visa to come and stand together for prayer.  What kind of brotherhood and spirit you can inherit with such a frame of mind.  It is indeed a shame village if at all you like to call it a global village.

The first item on agenda for change should be the elimination of terrorism.  The seed of this deadly disease was sown by the west themselves.  Hitler was the first to use it as Holocaust of the Jews. After World War II, the British transported it to Palestine and then the Americans took over and supported it to be used against Palestinians.  From Palestine it spread in the shape of Al Fatah, Hammas, and Al Qaeda and maybe Lashkar-e-Tayaba, many more small branches sprung up in many countries, mostly Muslims because they were the only one affected.  Mr. George W Bush Jr. crossed all the limits after 9/11 and made sure that the world does not sleep peacefully.  He further extended it to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.  The change that you proclaim, Mr. President, must stop this storm before it destroys the west and America themselves.  The superpower needs to be fair and just in dealing with the nations irrespective of their size and America’s personal interest.  I think the key to peace is buried at Tel Aviv.  It would be better to take it out and leave it in safe hands which would be better for Israel, Middle East and rest of the world.  Closing eyes or supporting Israel blindly would be fatal for all the stake holders in the long run.

We have also seen American hegemony in terrorising small states and using them for their purpose, like “either you are with us or against us”.  General Musharaf of Pakistan was made a hostage to join in Afghanistan war. In fact, Musharaf as a friend would have been more useful than a hostage. The whole situation would be different today if the principle of friendship and cooperation was adopted to assist America in those crises.  The present catastrophe and wastage of immense resources which has brought United States to an economic collapse could have been avoided.

One area where I would like to see a change is the visa system to enable people to travel to different parts of the world to meet each other for better living.  I remember Pakistan and most of the other third world countries did not need a visa throughout Europe and most of the other countries in the early and late 60’s.  There were no illegal immigrations and people freely enjoyed mutual respect and benefits.  Crime was negligible amongst or because of the visitors.  The more the restrictions were enforced the more crime was observed within the parent and the countries of the visits.  God created Earth for everybody to go anywhere to explore the wealth of this Earth and generate new opportunities for better prospects of living for themselves and their communities. I am sure COLUMBUS did not take a visa from Red Indians to discover America.  English pirates did not have a permit to enter Australia and New Zealand.  America was a land of immigrants and let it remain so to be exploited and used for the benefit of the new entrants and for the present inhabitants.  If the blacks had not come here who would have developed this land for you in that difficult and terrible terrain.  It was those slaves who provided you the incentive to command and live well.  If they had not come, you would not be here to take over as the president.  You are now president of the blacks and whites, Asians and Hispanics and all the other small communities. They are all Americans and the entire populace is immigrant, some from other world to America and a few from America to the other world and ultimately everybody from this world to the next.

There is still so much of virgin land on these continents which can be exploited for the benefit of mankind for at least another two to three centuries but the selfish instinct that we have developed over the last few hundred years does not permit us to allow others to share the same comfort that the forefathers of the present rulers and elites had sought a few hundred years before.  The world of today is looking for a change, the change that stops killing, terrorism, and committing accesses against their own fellow beings.  Love, sympathy, and feeling for each other is the essence of civilization that we all talk so much about, to bring people closer to each other.

Mr. Obama it is a very big challenge! Can you do it; “yes you can”.