Why you should have this book

This book “Terrorism or Awakening” is a unique book that shows the root causes of terrorism especially in the Muslim world from the eyes of the Muslims and the third world perspective. 

There are always two sides of every story. In the western world everybody knows their side of the story but nobody dares to inquire the other part i.e. the Muslim world perspective and what intrigues some Muslims to go to the extreme measures. Author is very direct and precise in describing the other side of the picture and explaining why the Muslim youth is becoming extremist and violent and how to address the issues.

This book was highly appreciated by more than 15 newspapers. Some of the Newspaper cuttings can also be viewed on the website for your review.

Some of the letters of various Ambassadors and Dignitaries regarding the book are also presented here for review.

Author also predicted about the London incidents and Turkey-EU conflict. One can check these predictions in the book.

Introduction of the book is also on the web, and you can check the website www.terrorismawakening.com OR www.terrorismorawakening.com.pk

( To purchase the book, contact the author for prices and information ).